Potting Soil and Bottled Water

As springtime nears we always see an increase in a few different categories in retail. I’ve had a few conversations over a couple of these categories in general that we’ve started to see increase in particular. One of these is potting soil, the other is bottled water. The bottled water is a expected part of […]

Preparedness 101: episode 3

Click the play button to listen to Preparedness 101:episode 3; Episode 3 of Preparedness 101 is now available to listen to. In this episode we talk about the 3 Ps of preparedness and how the formula can help you to determine how much of your resources to allocate to any of the disasters or events […]

Preparedness 101, episode 2

In today’s episode we’ll look at some of the things we need to be prepared for in the coming times and why. Scripture says in Matthew 24:7 that there will be famines, pestilances and earthquakes, and then in verse 8 that these will be the beginnings of sorrows. We’ve been warned by the most trustworthy […]

Preparedness 101: episode 1

Click onto the button above to listen to episode one of Preparedness 101! This post is a new treat for those who have been listening to my Blogtalk radio recordings. Join me in listening to my first episode of Preparedness 101. In this episode I will introduce this new series of recordings, and I’ll talk […]

Your Survival Pyramid

The SaWaFo Pyramid: I’ve mentioned the SaWaFo pyramid many times in my discourses on preparedness and survival ideology and to my mind this little tool should be considered central to all of your planning for the future, as well as immediate needs. Why? Simply for this one reason; if you lose any one of the […]