Les Stroud: Survive

I picked up a copy of Les Stroud’s book Survive, and found it to be a very good read, so good in fact I’ve placed it into my keeper library of prepper and survival literature. There are a couple of reasons for it, one of which is that Les doesn’t dwell on the fast paced […]

A Camp Water Filter Plant

Build a Water Filter Plant for Your Camp By F.E. Brimmer Sometimes one will discover that the water supply near camp is not fit to drink and some method must be improvised for filtering it before drinking. One season a party that the writer happened to be in was camping in a river valley where […]

Porcupine Pie

I happened to be listening to Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night album, just for background music while trying to figure out what to write, and along came his tune Porcupine Pie. (Listen to one version here.) It’s a great little tune, especially for the kiddies, but I wonder how many people have given thought to […]

Ram Pumps

This post is a section from Home Waterworks, by Carleton J. Lynde, ¬©1912. In keeping with the simple is better historic theme of creating a survival homestead, the hydraulic ram pumps are probably the best bet anywhere, unless you have a gravity fed spring water supply line. Low maintenance equipment with a high reliability factor […]

Making an Emergency Campfire

I came across this old article on starting an emergency campfire that I found pretty interesting, as I do most articles from the past when they relate skills that we need today for surviving in an emergency or disaster situation. The drawings are from another work, but I felt them relevant so inserted them for […]

Dual Survival; shipwrecked

I stayed up late to watch the Discovery Channels newest catastrophe show, Dual Survival. I feel somehow obligated to do a review on the show, so here goes; What? Dual Survival When? 11 June, 2010 10:00PM EST Where? Discovery Channel Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin shipwrecked, and stranded¬†on a deserted island off of Nova Scotia […]

The Preparedness World

A lot of readers may not realize it, but the preparedness movement is actually a worldwide movement, with followers from all over the globe it seems. YouTube boasts of a good charge of self made videos from both sides of the pond and there are a growing, and seemingly endless number of blogs and forums […]