Les Stroud: Survive

I picked up a copy of Les Stroud’s book Survive, and found it to be a very good read, so good in fact I’ve placed it into my keeper library of prepper and survival literature. There are a couple of reasons for it, one of which is that Les doesn’t dwell on the fast paced […]

Knots for Survival

I came across this chart of knots and their names and thought I would share it with you. I’ll be getting into more knots and bindings in another post, but this quick view will give you some new names you may have not heard before, even though they are all old names and some have […]

Preparedness 101: episode 1

Click onto the button above to listen to episode one of Preparedness 101! This post is a new treat for those who have been listening to my Blogtalk radio recordings. Join me in listening to my first episode of Preparedness 101. In this episode I will introduce this new series of recordings, and I’ll talk […]

A Concrete Cistern for Water Storage

From How to use cement for concrete construction for town and farm, by Henry C. Campbell: Sometimes cisterns are built wholly or in part above ground, yet the natural place for such a structure is below ground. A cistern is nothing more or less than a tank required to keep clean water in storage without […]

Ram Pumps

This post is a section from Home Waterworks, by Carleton J. Lynde, ©1912. In keeping with the simple is better historic theme of creating a survival homestead, the hydraulic ram pumps are probably the best bet anywhere, unless you have a gravity fed spring water supply line. Low maintenance equipment with a high reliability factor […]

Surviving a HEMP Attack

I’ve decided to run a little survival scenario on my internet show, Surviving The Times, just to experiment with emergency and disaster planning, and to make it interesting will make it play out as a survival war gaming exercise. So here’s where we start our little survival war game; at a mall with a few […]

ADD to Survive

That’s right folks! I’ve come up with another witty way to get ready for the end times. All we have to do is learn how to add! It’s a pretty simple formula, involving only three steps to implement it, although those three steps can be pretty huge. But the bottom line is that this formula […]