2012-A Doomsday Year (part four)

So far in 2012-A Doomsday Year I have covered in part the escalating food prices, the escalating energy costs, the increasing controls imposed upon us, and today I will look at the issue of communications in our daily lives. We have come to take for granted many of the freedoms our constitution protects, and in […]

Preparedness Shock Jocks

I’m sure you all remember the days of Y2K, frequently billed as the end of society by the preparedness shock jock crowd, just as the coming 2012 end of the world saga is being billed. It would be nice if that were true. After all, if you are certain that you only have five years […]

Surviving The Health Care Bill

One of the tragic consequences of this nation’s shift towards a socialist government is the fact that while upfront costs seem to diminish, the real costs are actually higher, last longer, and get you less bang for your buck. Health care is no different than any other government provided service. It doesn’t work well in […]

Surviving The Cashless Future

There’s a lot of talk on the waves by many so called analysts regarding the end times, and the so called apocalyptic terror we will be forced to live through. I hate to be the one to burst bubbles, but a lot of the hype certain TV networks like to portray as the end times […]

Surviving the Economic Collapse

Not so long ago I wrote a post called Welcome to Bartertown  where I discussed the possible future of non cash financial transactions. I made reference to the extreme, but unlikely, development of communities in the future resembling trading posts of the past by way of Mel Gibson’s movie, Beyond Thunder Dome. Set in a gritty, […]

Health Care Scare

I tried to ignore commenting on the current trash floating around regarding the democrats bogus health care agenda. Sorry, but I can’t resist. There are actually several ways of looking at the plan(s) being proposed, but none of them actually look anywhere near sufficient to garner my support. They all stink, and so doesn’t everything […]

Gambling with Maine’s future

Last election cycle we had a referendum to approve or deny an attempt to build a casino in Maine’s western area, specifically the Oxford Hills region. It was turned down by the voters. An MPBN report says that yet another group is studying the prospect of still another casino for the area. MPBN says; The […]