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So far in 2012-A Doomsday Year I have covered in part the escalating food prices, the escalating energy costs, the increasing controls imposed upon us, and today I will look at the issue of communications in our daily lives.

We have come to take for granted many of the freedoms our constitution protects, and in so doing have become complacent in the way we simply accept what is being placed upon our dinner plate of daily news. Unfortunately, much of what we see on the front page of the dailies and the evening news is watered down, biased, and/or poorly reported by the media outlets. It used to be that a newspaper in large part would print just the facts on the front page, and nothing more. The papers were opinionated, but they wisely restricted opinionated articles to the opinion pages of the paper. Today, many of the stories we read are filled with statements that promote one ideology or another, and this is true for both side of the aisle, lefty and righty alike.

There are still places you can go today to get a good, factual report on many issues and events, but you usually have to do quite a lot of digging to find the truth. As this is an election year for the presidency, this fact makes it more vital than ever that you take the time to educate yourself of the real truth and not the truth that a special interest group wants to push. Take the story that claims Warren Buffett’s secretary pays more taxes than he does.

The left wants you to believe something that is not true, and they know it is not true, so they manipulate the facts so that at first glance it sounds like it is true, and grabs your attention, big time. When one of the richest men in the world gets away with paying less in taxes than most of the people reading this blog pay, it makes you mad, doesn’t it? At Obama’s State of the Union speech, Buffett’s secretary, Debbie Bosanek, got a front row seat sitting next to her royal highness Michelle Obama, and of course it was staged so that President Obama could make the most of the attention grabber of the evening.

According to several articles, Buffett’s 2010 tax return says he paid 6.9 million in taxes. I am guessing his secretary wasn’t paid all that much whereby she would be paying anywhere near that much in taxes in 2010, and their 2011 tax returns are probably going to be very similar to their 2010 returns. Percentage is where the truth is, and since most of Warren Buffett’s income is from capital gains, and that is where they twisted the claim that he paid less in taxes than his secretary. The top rate for capital gains income is 15 percent, period. Going by that rate, I pay nearly twice as much in taxes as Buffett does, including all federal and state taxes. The reality is that it probably takes me two years to make as much income as he pays out in taxes in a day. However, the left doesn’t want you to see that part of the argument. They only want you to be angry that the rich are better off than you are and are given all kinds of bennies for being rich. Class warfare at its finest. Remember this story when you look at the news. By the way, the right is just as guilty as the right when it comes to “modifying” the news to their advantage.

So where does communications come into the puzzle of predicting the future? It comes into the puzzle through the way certain items are left out of the commonly shared news, and which pieces are shared with gusto. One of the stories I have been following is the issue of the National Guard and how they are supposedly patrolling the US/Mexico border to cut down on illegal immigration. Unfortunately, their involvement was severely restricted, and their actual value was diminished to the point where the expense incurred did not come close to making it worth the taxpayer’s money for them to be there. If the military is going to patrol the border, they should do so fully armed with the intent of actually preventing illegal entry into this nation by anyone. They were relegated to performing nothing more than being used as a photo-op for political gain.

The more important issues that you see very little reporting on is the fact that the government wants to increase the usage of drone technology to patrol the skies under the guise of watching the borders of this nation, the natural inclination for many of us is to say, so what, we need the protection. In fact, we do, but this is not what will happen in the long run. These drones will be used for purposes beyond that which the constitution allows. But that doesn’t matter, because the powers that be only use the constitution when it suits their needs. And even then, they twist it into a perversion of what the constitution really means.

We look at the history of the world’s most despotic regimes and learn that the media outlets in those countries were usually the first target for control, and in some sense, we see the same thing happening today here today in the United States. Newspapers and television stations are afraid to say something different, something that might offend, simply because it is more politically expedient to go with what the “powers that be” want them to say. Global warming, gay rights, religious issues, morality and more are all subjects that are controlled by very small minority groups, and yet they have the biggest advantage because they have more political pull with the media outlets.

Those of us with a different standard or levels of morality and viewpoint still have outlets we can turn to, but these outlets are disappearing, overwhelmed in most part by the mainstream media in their push for popular support and advertising dollar. We will continue to see the far left ideology increase in power, as we get closer to Election Day. You will see an overwhelming majority of leftist attacks against sound, biblically based positions that the candidates may wish to take, but will not because of the fact that money and popularity goes hand in hand with the political structure in this nation. We, as a nation, will continue to see erosions in our society and economy as the left gains power and control, thus furthering our descent into failure as a nation. And when that point arrives, you had better be prepared, because Uncle Sam will not be there to give you a hand up, nor a hand out.

Watch the headlines and as the year passes by, you will begin to see what I mean.


I’m sure you all remember the days of Y2K, frequently billed as the end of society by the preparedness shock jock crowd, just as the coming 2012 end of the world saga is being billed. It would be nice if that were true. After all, if you are certain that you only have five years until the end of the earth, wouldn’t that be the time to really crank u the debt load? Yee-Haw—mansions for all the kiddies. Not to mention that good cigar I’ve always wanted. But you know how it works. Somebody suggests an impending doom and all the henney-penney’s start running around the farm yard whining about the falling sky.

But beyond that, 2012 I mean, there are a great many more terror mongers trying to sell their own brand of doomsday ideology and the necessary survival products that go along with their spiel. I frequently read through advertisements and news articles trying to keep tabs on the survival and preparedness community and developing trends, and I find a disturbing number of vendors trying to cash in on fear, rather than promote a responsible approach to the industry of preparedness and survival supplies and equipment.

Books galore line the shelves promoting for the most part an annoying ignorance of the facts of science and society. Global warming never was a concern. It was never going to happen. Neither will the world come to an end in December of 2012. These are some of the more widespread stories being hawked. And now there seems to be a new terror developing from the right wing Tea Party movement in that there are some calling for an open, armed if necessary rebellion against this nations elected government. Is this a good idea? Not in a million years. But to be honest, in spite of the cries for revolt, I don’t see one actually coming to fruition. For one thing, the vast majority of tea party goers are average, conservative citizens simply fed up with the direction this nations is heading in.

The problem here is that there is a very small minority of people itching to A; get some recognition, B; get some attention, and C; sell their books and other publications. Let’s take a look at some sites on the issue. Alex Jones seems to deal with a lot of this sort of stuff, so we’ll try him first. His TruthNews.US blog had a piece back in February of last year, A Tax Revolt Hits The United States In 2009? John Paul Mitchell, the writer of this particular post says Maybe it is time for people everywhere to stand up against their governments and revolt. He also says that Unfortunately, our country and our world doesn’t have a revolutionist like Jesus any longer.

A big wrong-o on that point Mr. Mitchell. Jesus is very much alive, and while he isn’t physically here, the Holy Spirit is. And He has a plan for each and every one of us, and it will be fulfilled. The question we have to ask ourselves is; which side of God’s plan do we stand on? An armed revolution is always a possibility, remember the three Ps of preparedness? But it is highly unlikely. You’ll notice the advertising for Alex Jones’ media empire in the side bar.

Another piece, this one on the pretty blue Crooks and Liars blog asks Is Sean Hannity urging Americans to armed revolt? The writer of this one, David Niewort says When mainstream talk show hosts, addressing an audience that is politically stymied and increasingly angry and frustrated, start talking about “revolution,” they have to be aware that some of the more unstable elements in that audience — particularly the paranoia-prone folks who have just been told repeatedly by the Hannitys and other Fox pundits that the DHS considers them a terrorist threat — are going to be acting that rhetoric out in violent ways.

Glenn Thrush, in his Politico blog says Bachmann urges “armed” revolt over climate plan
and quotes her as saying “I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’

These are just three quickly found references. When I typed in US armed revolt into the search engine I got over three million results. At the snap of a finger, too. But the point here is that we need to seriously look at the potential for armed conflict here in the US as we develop our preparedness plans. Is there really much of a potential? Depends upon who you talk to, and whether they’re selling a book on the subject or not. Chances are, if they’re making bucks on the terror, they’re pushing it, one way or another.

Before you go off the deep end and load up on firearms you don’t need, which will only bring unwanted attention, I would suggest you do some research and investigate a broad range of discussions over the issue. Will we have another civil war in this nation? It is inevitable, and to some degree, I believe, something that must happen for the will of God to be fulfilled. There are many reasons I feel that way, but I won’t go into them in this post. You’ll have to listen to my radio show to find that out. Yep, the button is to the right if you want to listen, and yes, I too have something to sell.

Please plan away, as we must do to maintain at least some sort of normalcy as the main stream media flaps around like a wounded turkey. Someone has to keep a sense of what really counts in this nation. Those of us who practice the preparedness way will survive long after the bulk of the population have gone into voluntary servitude to the coming times because they won’t know how to function, or worse, refuse to function as free human beings. I suspect these preparedness shock jocks are in for an unpleasant shock themselves when they really taste the coming times.

One of the tragic consequences of this nation’s shift towards a socialist government is the fact that while upfront costs seem to diminish, the real costs are actually higher, last longer, and get you less bang for your buck. Health care is no different than any other government provided service. It doesn’t work well in any other country, why would we be stupid enough to think nationalized health care would work here in America? Because we are easily led by false leaders, that’s why.

The issue over health care reform currently being debated in Washington doesn’t so much relate to the cost of health care so much as it relates to the insurance industry. Or, I should say, control of the insurance industry. In the over four thousand pages of new regulations, I’m guessing that less than 1% of that text is directed towards the cost of health care. I haven’t of course read the Senate version, but going by the House version I’d say the PRO(Pelosi, Reid, Obama) movement is just trying to squeeze us into the bottle of misery called bigger government. Thousands of pages of new legislation that nobody, not even lawyers, can understand.

What this means for the long haul is that if enacted into law, we will begin to see the quality, as well as quantity, of health care gradually fade. We can say this will happen because that is the state of affairs in the medical industries of other nations that have socialized, or nationalized health care. Where I live we have a huge population of Canadians who come into this country every year so they can receive better health care than they get in Canada. And yet supporters of this bill claim they want coverage similar to what Canada and these other nations provide. Doctors get paid less. Nurses get paid less. Less money is invested in infrastructure. Hospitals sit in varying states of decay and disrepair. New and up to date medical equipment is scarce because no hospital can afford to improve their facilities.

Further, I hear stories of care being made unavailable because of the lack of doctors trained to give certain types of treatment in these countries. So how is all of this legislation going to control the cost of health care? I’ll answer that in a moment, but first, why is there even a need for legislation to control healthcare costs? Actually, there isn’t a need for this legislation. The need is more towards seeing that American citizens get the medical care we deserve. The problem with obtaining this health care is the cost, so naturally, those who don’t want to take responsibility to obtain an insurance policy that guarantees payment for that care whine and cry because they cannot have what those who do take the responsibility to pay for a good policy receive.

The real problem with health care costs is not the insurance companies. The real problems with the cost of health care is the cost of health care. In my experience, insurance companies I have had policies with have been quite generous with their benefits, provided I was willing to pay for them. And I paid for them, not the taxpayers. In observing the way the health care industry works, it is easy to see why the costs are so high. There is a lot of waste, redundancy and unneeded expenditure by these nonprofit hospitals that are theoretically providing health care because they care about the well being of the people that they serve. Absolutely not true, in my book.

These people are out to make all of the money they can with their inflated salaries, and to do that they purposely overcharge the patients, and since the insurance companies generally have no direct input into what goes on between the hospital and patient, they pay the bill without question. sure, they require prior approval for procedures and all that, but how often does the procedure occur before the approval is even given, especially in cases where the procedure isn’t always in the best interest of the patient?

All this legislation called the Health Care Reform Act does in guarantee the medical care providers with more money, and a guarantee they will get paid. That’s all it does. Unfortunately, in order to pay these doctors and hospitals, the government needs to make sure they get the cash from you and I to give to these crooks. Hence the need to require certain levels of insurance controls are in place. and to make certain that the payout doesn’t exceed the income, the government will of course have to impose limits on what kind of care, and how much care you will be able to receive. Of course, you’ll be able to get additional care beyond the government mandate, provided you’re willing to pay for it out of pocket. Naturally, the answer to the question as to how is all of this legislation going to pay for health care is that it will not pay for all of this health care. It will pay for just the minimum required to keep you alive long enough to pay taxes.

So where’s the survival angle of this story? The survival angle is that we need to prepare for a potential scarcity of quality health care services. You can do this by learning how to provide your own medical treatment. Learn first aid. Get medicals supplies and stock up on medications before they become unavailable. Develop relationships with people that can provide assistance off the cuff when the time gets rough. Learn how to diagnose and treat common ailments through natural remedies. If this legislation passes it will cement the end of this nation as we know it in the concrete of socialism. It will be a sad parting, but it almost seems inevitable. In just 16 more years this nation will be celebrating its 250th birthday, if it survives the PRO Movement. Will we allow this nation to be destroyed so that a huge special interest group can increase their income on the backs of the American taxpayer? I certainly hope not. Please do all you can to persuade your legislators to kill this legislation, not only for your sake, but for your children’s sake as well.

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There’s a lot of talk on the waves by many so called analysts regarding the end times, and the so called apocalyptic terror we will be forced to live through. I hate to be the one to burst bubbles, but a lot of the hype certain TV networks like to portray as the end times is just hype. Granted, it ain’t gonna be no picnic, but they really go overboard with some of the graphics. But in spite of it all, there will be some unpleasant changes that we will have to survive, and there will be no choice in the matter.

One of these changes will be the conversion to a cashless society, as some like to call it. Some folks say that there will always be money, and that’s true, there always will be. The Scriptures tell us there will be, so there will. The aspect, or type of currency, is the part of money that is changing. Revelation 6:6 says And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine(KJV). This tells me that there will be financial trade in the final days, and for financial trade to take place there must be money to exchange hands. Otherwise, the verse would have suggested a barter type of transaction, wouldn’t it?

But for those of you who are not convinced that there will indeed be a cashless society, you’ll need to follow along on my podcasts, which can be found here on Maine Talk Radio. A few of the recent news clips I have shared is the fact that the UK has passed a law eliminating the paper check by 2018. Many countries, including the U.S. are investigating, and some are instituting a national ID card containing RFID chips containing much personal information. Some are even including biometrics within these cards.

As an added incentive, many cards also function as a debit card as well for non cash currency transactions. Makes it easier to take public transportation and so forth. A recent NY Times article describes a restaurant in New York that now refuses to accept cash. Many stores do not accept checks as payment as well. Online commerce relies solely on credit cards for payment. Even fast food joints such as McDonalds have contactless payment terminals for your touch and go debit cards. These cards, in case you did not realize it, contain RFID chips with your account information.

So, it is clear that we are in fact headed for a cashless society, but there will still be currency to be traded. The big problem with this idea is that this currency will not be actual paper or coins, it will be credit placed in your bank account, and that credit will be based upon the value the nation’s currency has on the market. The value of the dollar, or whatever denomination of currency you use where you live, will be based upon the strength of that nation’s wealth in the world market. You will have little to no control over your own finances. If you do not have one of these cards in the future, you will not be able to do business in the conventional sense.

Even government provided welfare such as unemployment and foodstamps are provided for via a debit card today. There will be no paper checking, or draft style financial transfers in the future. There will be next to none, or none at all, hard cash available to be distributed. All transactions will be electronic.

So what kind of survival plan can we develop to live through this part of the coming times? Actually, none, in real terms. We can either do as the government says, or we can become an outcast with no way to pay for a roof over our heads, buy groceries, or obtain health care. And don’t even think of gassing up the family sedan. But that’s not such a bad alternative if enough people of a like mind can band together and form their own communities. And this plan, in and of itself will cause grave problems for the survivalists who choose this course.

The governments of the world will rely upon your tax dollars right up till the Second Coming. Have you noticed how large this government has become, and that it is growing larger and more powerful every week that goes by? You will be required to pay what they consider your fair share. Unless of course you are poverty bound and then they’ll pay all your bills. But there is a way around the problem, at least partially. For one thing, you will be required to work. No problem there, just make enough to get your income and property and sales taxes paid for.

I’ve talked before about bartering, and this is one way of getting by when things get tough. But for a barter system to really work there must be enough people involved to cover all possible needs required by a community. You’ll need to consider medical care, housing, transportation, clothing and food. And then you’ll need to give consideration as to how you intend to achieve all of these things. You can plant seeds for food, but where will the seed come from? How about fuel for the tractor? Where will the power come from to light your home? How about the books to educate the little ones?

And then there’s always the time when somebody breaks their leg or an appendix bursts. These are all things to consider, along with much more. There are two degrees of survival mindset. One degree addresses the immediate emergency, such as a hurricane or civil breakdown. And then there is the long term degree that pushes you to live apart from conventional society, either alone or in a community of like minded believers. I would suggest the latter, for obvious reasons.

The cashless future is steamrolling towards us, and in some ways is already here. There are many cases where you cannot do business without a credit card already. It will only be a matter of time before everyone becomes indoctrinated into the wisdom of possessing an RFID card because of the security it supposedly provides, and because of the convenience they provide at the checkout counter.

You’ll have to eventually decide whether or not to buy into that wisdom. When that time comes, you need to be ready to play or pay. Prepare for that time now, and you’ll be able to pay and play your own way then.

Not so long ago I wrote a post called Welcome to Bartertown  where I discussed the possible future of non cash financial transactions. I made reference to the extreme, but unlikely, development of communities in the future resembling trading posts of the past by way of Mel Gibson’s movie, Beyond Thunder Dome. Set in a gritty, filthy environment, Thunder Dome was a closely run outpost in the Australian outback in the post apocalyptic future. While it was a good movie, there is a lot about the scripting that is wrong for a realistic future.

Looking the reality of what may be the future in relation to the everyday task of making simple everyday financial transactions like buying a gallon of milk, I can see some grave differences between what Hollywood presents and what the trends of finance present. Some futurists present a story whereby bartering may become the way of life after the financial breakdown occurs that we are all waiting for. In the past, if you needed medical attention, the doctor would treat you and you would give him a chicken in exchange. The doctor, needing a new hat would trade it at the general store for a new hat, and the store would sell the chicken to a farmer, or perhaps a homeowner looking for a good supper. If you were a farmer and needed some lumber, you cut some acreage and bring the trees to a sawmill. The miller would cut your lumber in exchange for a quantity of the trees for his own use. The miller would then sell his new lumber to those who had cash to pay for it.

A thousand years ago, bartering was the main method of conducting business in most of the world. Currency was relegated to those areas that were more heavily populated. But as time went by even bartering transactions ended with currency being traded at the end. Today, bartering is a forgotten art, even though it is growing in popularity in some corners. But in the near future, bartering may well become an illegal act.

There are many conspiracy theorists floating a wide range of reasons for the current financial affairs of the world, and especially damning are those who suggest that the economy is being specifically controlled by one faction or another. The fact is, the current financial crisis we are undergoing is hardly the worst economic downturn we have ever been through. While it approaches the great depression of the thirties, it really does not have the same impact. But even before that time was the collapse of the 1850’s, and in fact the worldwide economies suffered declines in the eras of 1825, 1836, 1847, 1857, and 1866. So dips and peaks are nothing new to the world’s economies.

However, what is new is the governments increasing compulsion to draft legislation imposing new, and not really necessary controls over our lives under the pretense of saving us from calamity and financial ruin. But the damage has been done, and there is no going back. We have allowed our public servants to become our masters, and now we have to pay the price.

With the advent of government controlled health care, and soon to be passed carbon legislation which will ultimately result in our energy needs also being doled out by the government, the nationalization of our banking system and other, numerous rules, laws, regulations and controls we will soon find that cash has become useless. While some say that we’ll never have a national ID card, they are wrong. Not only will we have a national ID card, that card will also be our ticket to buying and selling. RFID is on the way, and in fact is being implemented in various communities even now.

At first you’ll see bank issued cards with the RFID chips offered for use as a more convenient way to pay via contactless payment methods called touch and go. You need only place your card near a reader at a point of sale and the transaction is completed. Communities are beginning to use them for convenience of public transportation. Colleges are using them as combination ID and debit cards. It’s only a matter of time before we all use these cards every day without question. And we’ll like it too.

Once we have come to accept the ease of using contactless payment and having RFID chips in our back pocket, it will be a simple matter to combine these cards with an ID factor or component. As the occasions of terrorist attacks increase and security measures become more stringent we will insist upon more and more safeguards to protect our well-being. The latest occurrence with the attempted destruction of Flight 253 in Detroit, and the scurry to increase and tighten airport security after the event only proves that point.

And of course, when we arrive at the point whereby our ID and banking needs are all self-contained in one little plastic card, there will be no need for other forms of tender in financial transactions. The UK has already announced that paper checking will be eliminated by 2018 in that country, and other nations will follow suit. Credit will be our only source of money. Our paychecks will be automatically deposited into our bank account, and bills that we owe will be electronically processed through that same card and account. So won’t our taxes. And we all know how much the government loves to collect taxes.

And here’s the danger to the idea of bartering for our needs in the future. The government will not be able to track these transactions and will attempt to control them, or make them illegal. I believe the government will increase the surveillance and tracking of us to the extent that all we possess will be on record, and any changes to those possessions will ultimately be taxed. We can already see the trend to do so by the way local and state governments tax us through what we call the property tax. Included in that assessment is the value of appliances and other major possessions that we may own. Businesses generally pay a large percentage of taxes on equipment they own year after year, and that tax changes when new equipment is purchased and/or old equipment is sold.

Bartering will be closely watched for as this will be an area for loss of tax revenue by the government. Therefore, if you do wish to include this as a means of getting by in the coming times, you’ll have to learn how to do so without giving any indication that you are bartering. In a sense, you’ll need to learn how to become an income tax evader. The smart way to get ready for financial calamity is to prepare yourself to not need any financial support at all. Of course, property and income tax needs will eliminate your idea to live with no income at all. Unless of course you are willing to live off the welfare dole. But since you are reading this blog I doubt that you will be willing to give your freedom away for free beer and cable TV.

Bottom line here is that no matter what kind of end time scenario you want to believe in, it probably won’t be what you think it will be. If you want to be truly prepared for the coming times, you have to be able to see beyond the hype that many marketers and publishers are pushing today. Examine carefully what you see, hear and read for validity beyond selling some manual or survival commodity. Get yourself out-of-town and onto some rural land were you will be able to grow your own crops and trees for fuel. If you have everything you need, then your need for bartering will be minimized, thus reducing your financial profile.