Water & Plumbing for the Farm

It’s amazing what you can find while pawing through old piles of farm bulletins that were issued by various state and federal extension services. I’ve had some questions regarding determining how much water you should plan on for a survival homestead under normal conditions. Looking for an answer that was more complete than a simple […]

Concrete Well Lining

The course of history hasn’t changed much when it comes to our drinking water supplies. We either get it from standing water, such as a pond or cistern, or we get it from a hole in the ground. One thing that has changed is how we make that hole in the ground. Nowadays we usually […]

Surviving America‚Äôs Aging Infrastructure

Wharton published a great piece the other day regarding the slow collapse of our infrastructure today. It brought to mind a long festering point regarding those of us who are foolish enough to believe that we can survive and thrive in an urban environment should the so called ultimate melt down occur. It’s amazing how […]