The Book Store

Welcome to the bookstore! We’ve got a few of my titles here, and to order simply click onto the title links to go to our secure ordering site. You can see more of our offering at

Surviving The Times
Print: $24.95 Download: $12.00 Surviving the Times takes you through the steps to make your own preparedness planning binder. You’ll learn how to gauge the level of various threats as they relate to your preparedness planning by using the three P’s of preparedness, the SaWaFo pyramid and more.
A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide
Print: $14.95 Download: $10.00 A compilation of tips and how to’s on developing an emergency preparedness plan, and how to get ready for natural and man-made disasters. Also includes a comprehensive listing of state and federal agencies to contact for more help and assistance in dealing with emergency planning and dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.


Maine After Midnight
Print: $20.00 Download: $10.00 Collection of original ghost stories as well as some research notes on Sasquatch and sea serpents in Maine.
Is Plum Creek Right For ME?
Print: $24.50 Download: $15.00 In this book the author discusses the issue of large scale development in the state of Maine. The issue of the Plum Creek Timber Companies plans to develop Maines Moosehead Lake region into a mega resort area has been a divisive issue in this state. Follow along as the pros and cons are addressed, even as the deal to steal the Maine Northwoods from future generations of Maine’s children is signed and sealed. What lies in store for the future of Maine as we become a state mired in a service level economy.


Salt & Pines
Print: $20.00 Download: $10.00 Salt & Pines: tales from bygone Maine is an anthology of stories and poetry about living in Maine’s bygone days. From the Islands of Casco Bay to the backwoods of Maine you’ll find tales to bring memories of your own to mind. Join us as we share Maine’s bygone days with; Allen Sockabasin, Ann Allen Brahms, D.L. Soucy, Dave Sargent, Doris Doggett, Jeanne Mason, Linda Aaskov, Luthera Dawson, Patricia Smith Ranzoni, Philip Candelmo, Philip Turner, Rene Cloukey, Roberta Gomez Ricker, Roy Fairfield, Ruth Richardson Maloney, Terrell Crouch, Thomas Carper, Tim Sample, Tom Fallon, Trudy Chambers Price, Salt & Pines, a taste of the ocean, the sound of the wind in the Maine forests….a combination you cannot find in any other state.


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