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Revisiting the Victory Garden Revisiting the Victory
“This is an archive film
from the WWII era describing the inportance of the victory garden. While out of
date, this film can still give you some ideas on creating your own victory
garden on your survivial homestead.

By planting a garden large enough to
provide vegetables and fruit for your family for a year, and by canning,
dehydrating and root cellaring, as well as other preservation methods, you can
create your own freedom from having to rely on your local gracery

A supply of fresh and storage food on hand will help you survive
in the event of any major disruption in the food supply chain. Currently the
nations supermarkets can only carry a three days supply of food for usual

Do you want to rely on those statistics to feed your
family in time of emergency?”

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A Is for Atom is another in a series of cold war era informational films. This one uses animation to explain what nuclear power is, and how atomic engineering can better the world for mankind if used wisely.
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The odds of a full scale nuclear war are next to nil in today’s world, but not so long ago the threat hung over this nation like a coastal fog at sunrise. This Cold War era public information film illustrates some of the actions and procedures taken to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack. The […]
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Another selection from a series of Cold War era public information films. As the title suggests, this piece is about the threat of chemical and biological warfare during the late 40s and earlt 50s time frame. While this film is decades old, the safety tips and reccomendations still hold true today. An […]
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Another in a series of classic Civil Defense and emergency preparedness films. What To Do In A Gas Attack is a 1943 public information film describing the procedures and precaustions to take against gas attacks from the enemy. While the odds of our being attacked in a wide scale gas attack today […]
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Another in a series of classic Civil Defense films from the Cold War era. While we revel in our technology today, most of these old films teach us what we need to do to survive the coming times. Disasters and emergencies come without warning, from many fronts, and take us by surprise. By learning […]
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Radiation Dangers is another presentation of our survival videos. This is another 1950s era informational film giving descriptions of the different forms of radiation and the actual risk levels pertaining to the different types of radiation. The danger of a rogue element obtaining and using a nuclear […]
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Surviving the Times videos are a production of Remember ME! Media. This series concerns information and issues related to emergency preparedness, disasters, and survival skills. This film is just one of many to come. About Fallout is a 1950s era public information film describing the effects and dangers […]

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