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It’s been some time since I’ve posted here on a regular basis, but that’s changing. For a long time I hung out on Facebook, doing the social networking thing. That didn’t work out so well. Over the last year and a half or so, as the presidential races heated up, and the Zuck’s choice for el Presidente was rejected in favor of the Trump machine, it became intolerable. I found that more and more, things of a conservative as well as a libertarian nature were being squelched.

Towards the end, even some of my posts were deleted, as well as comments I had made on other timeline, and there was absolutely no record of this occurring on my activity file. It was as though I had never even posted the material. That’s the power of a despotic environment for you. The liberals got free rein to spread all the crap they want to, but conservative leaning entries were censored for “fake news” content and removed if the material didn’t suit the censorship algorithms.

So I signed out of the Facebook indoctrination scam. I closed my pages and am back to writing on my blogs where I can write unfettered by the requirement to be polite and submissive to the progressive domination that seems to permeate nearly all things entertainment related. But that’s enough of that; let’s get back to the original question. What is this blog all about?

I hold several positions when it comes to what I believe things should be as far as politics and life in general. Let me state my position(s) by saying I am first a Christian, second an American and thirdly I am a fervent libertarian. If you’re reading this and you’re a left wing snowflake, perhaps you’d better be on your way. My opinions and my writing reflect these three positions, and I will not apologize nor back down from any of these positions. Survival Times Today will be focused on developing your survival skills in light of ongoing developments to our declining American culture(s). We live in an ever-changing world, and face threats from numerous directions.

Last week’s massacre in Las Vegas was just one of many ongoing threat/danger situations we have to deal with. Kim Jong Un of North Korea is threatening this nation with a nuclear warhead. Isis and other Islamic factions are continuously wreaking havoc in a growing number of countries and cities around the world. We’ll be taking some peeks at many of these events and how they can affect our survivalist and preparedness planning. There are many rumors floating around, including one that makes the claim that NoKo (North Korea) potentially has an ICBM that can reach New York City. This would be a very bad thing if true.

Then again, we have the Vegas Massacre that still poses many questions, but few real answers, and that leads to much speculation. How do we prepare for this sort of thing that springs out at us from nowhere? A better question is: can we prepare for a massacre styled shooting like this?  Simply answered, no. there is no way to prepare for it simply because of the randomness and emotional horror such a shooting presents. We can however prepare to react to such an event.

Successful survival depends upon many things, from prior preparation for an event to the aftermath of that event. Perhaps the most important aspects, however, are those involving our reaction to any given threat. The greater portion of mankind tends to hold to what I call the “fight or flight theology”. By that I mean to say that these two options, fighting back or running away, are the only two options most people ever think about.

There are other options, as well as tactics to make those options viable that I’ll get into at another time. But for now, we need to cool our heels as we wait for facts to evolve about this Bannock person. There are too many questions I need to have answered before discussing such an event with true clarity.

In my mind, the threat of civil unrest is probably the greatest overall threat most people need to be aware of, especially since so many of those from the left wing political arena seem so intent upon fomenting such a divisive and combative environment in this nation. Close investigation of many of today’s riotous events involving minority protests are actually provoked and directed by operators with globalist visions. Their goal is to divide and destroy America, and leave it to be controlled by the UN. That would be Federalism at the global level.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ve read that when a blog gets beyond a few hundred words long people tend to lose interest and drift off. Subscribe to get all of my posts here on Surviving the Times, and make sure you bookmark and share the page with others.  I’ll pick up with this train of thought again in a couple of days.


Back In The Saddle

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Hey everyone. It’s been a long time since I last posted hear, but I’m baaacckkk! I hope you’ll bookmark my blog and share with others.

I’m going to share tips gripes and stories that will make you mad as well as preparing yourselves and your family for the coming tribulations.

I’ll be back in a day or two with some great info!

040310_0154_TheSOGPower1.jpgTo begin with today’s post, I will repeat the last paragraph of my last post: The bottom line here is that if your roots are not healthy and strong, neither will your tree of life be. Make sure the roots of your preparedness planning are strong, and diverse enough to withstand any potentially devastating event.

As we look at the illustration of the tree of life and survivalism, we find that there are several ingredients that  allow a tree to become big and strong, living life to its fullest expectancy. One of those criteria requires that the tree have a strong and healthy root system, so too must our preparedness and survival planning also have a strong root system.

One of the trends I have witnessed over the last few years in this arena is the marketing of gimmickry and neat gadgets to the prepper community. They may be cool items and we are all too frequently drawn to them because of what we think they may provide us in terms of disaster readiness, but they do not replace good old fashioned common sense preparedness.

For instance, one company is promoting a combo-tool type of product that will supposedly allow you to survive any disaster, against all odds. At least that is what the advertising leads you to believe. However, reality says that while it is a neat gadget, it does not do anything better than the tools you probably already have at hand, and in fact will most likely be less than able to compete with what you already have when the crap hits the fan.

Why is that? Well, one of the things i have learned about multi-tool gadgets is that while they may look cool, and perform a lot of tasks, it cannot perform any one task better than a tool that was specifically designed to do that task. In other words, while the gadget might be able to get you out of a quick bind, will it do the job better, and will it do the job longer that a tool that was designed for the job? The answer is simply; of course not.

Don’t get me wrong here, i am not against using multi-tools, and in fact own a few myself. Nevertheless, I do not rely upon them as my main survival tools. I use them as quick fixers in a situation where i just do not feel like getting out the big guns. When I want the job done right, I use the right tool. They might get you out of a jamb, but they will not carry you through a long-term survival situation.

Imagine if you will a widespread devastation and the world goes dark. No power, no fuel, no job, no cash, and even if there was, no place to buy anything. You can cook food and sterilize water by boiling it over a fire. Imagine cutting enough wood to live by with one of those little muti-tool  saw blades. See what I mean about planning? Do not get caught up in the gimmickry of today’s marketing and expect these quick fix items to be you main solution in any preparedness and survival situation.

Collect an ample assortment of real tools to do the job with for when the unexpected actually happens. Use your workshop as one of your roots to grow your tree of survival.

Roots, the base of all life

071011_2337_Survivingth6.jpgIn my last post, I touched upon new beginnings and the differences/similarities between preparedness and survivalism. Today, I want to look at some of the base concepts that fuel each stage of reaction that we take in this process we call preparedness.

Many years ago, I came to realize that while much of what we see and hear through various media outlets is just plain fruitcake talk. Nevertheless, I also realized there is indeed an aura of “conspiracy” that attaches itself to at least a small portion of this rhetoric. Moreover, upon investigation, we can see that there is indeed something going on behind closed doors, and we do have cause to fear for our futures.

Whether you believe in any one of the seemingly endless theories floating around or not, the world around us is indeed involved in what seems to be a slow speed crash and burn cycle. It has happened before, in various stages of extent, and if we are smart, we will examine these prior crashes and learn from them as we prepare for the coming times.

Let us take the last “great depression” as it has been named. In fact, there have been times when the economy has been worse for this nation, but this long standing event can teach us the most recent lessons to be learned.  Take a moment and consider who survived this era the best.

There were actually two groups of people who came out as last best survivors of that economic collapse, and these groups were millionaires, and those who had land and business interests that were of a sustainable nature. By using the term sustainable here, I am not talking about the corrupted definition that the enviro-worshipers use today, but the classic definition which simply means; able to be maintained. For instance, many of today’s businesses are wildly successful, but in the event of a collapse, can those businesses continue on in a successful manner?

For example, telemarketing call centers are good places to make a quick buck, and they can provide you with a good income, but look into their history and see how many of them enjoy a well grounded platform that they can use to continue on from should some major event bring the world to a halt. There are none that I am aware of that could continue to provide you with an income should something cause an environment to occur where they would not be able to function.

Telemarketing relies upon telephone service, but if we get hit with a large-scale and widespread EMP event, manmade or otherwise, would these companies be able to continue operations? The answer is of course, no. No telephones, no telemarketing. It is a simple concept, and yet many people fail to see the significance of this concept in real terms.

For us to rely upon one single source of income leaves us in a situation whereby we have nothing, should that source of income suddenly become interrupted. Therefore, part of our preparedness planning needs to include an ability to have a secondary source of income.  This does not mean that we need to have two jobs, but that we need to have skill sets that allow us to have alternative means of income production  that will allow us to pay our bills and put food on the table when things go belly up.

No matter what the financial condition is, some means of transfer of wealth needs to used if we are to survive, long-term.  We are used to the presence of cash for that wealth exchange, and many are foolish enough to pretend that credit can be used for that exchange. If we need a pound of flour to make a loaf of bread to feeds our hungry family, where do we get that flour? We have to buy it, or we have to
grow and process our own wheat to obtain that pound of flour.

To buy it, we need money, and if the government fails, there is no money, since money today is merely a promissory note based upon the government’s good word, and nothing more. We call that fiat currency, and many of us believe that this fiat currency may well be soon coming to an end. The alternative is to barter some tangible goods or service we have for that flour.

Herein lays the rub of survivalism, those who have, survive, those who have not merely exist, and are destined to fail. If we study the last great depression, we learn that the only people who survived with any degree of self-respect were millionaires, simply because they had enough tangible wealth whereby they were able to buy themselves survival with extremely debased currency.  And there were those who had land and businesses that provided necessary commodities that everyone else had to have, i.e. food clothing, shelter and other absolute needs for survival. Everyone else had to make do with what they had, and for far too many, this was nothing.

The bottom line here is that if your roots are not healthy and strong, neither will your tree of life be. Make sure the roots of your preparedness planning are strong, and diverse enough to withstand any potentially devastating event.

071011_2337_Survivingth1.jpgSurviving the times, these end times, can be very difficult, and in many ways, that difficulty may well create a scenario of failure instead of success for us.

I have not written a great deal of late regarding survivalism and preparedness, for many reasons, but I believe now is the time to get serious, and for us all to get down to “the business at hand”. What is “the business at hand”? That would be getting ready for the coming times, of course.

So, I guess the best way would be for me to return to the beginnings of my prepper activities and look at the changes that have occurred over the years, and maybe help at least a few of my readers learn a thing or two about prepping and survivalism.

First of all, what is survivalism and preparedness? Many people believe them to be the same thing, but they are not. Preparedness is a proactive action that allows us to survive in the future, whereas the survivalism aspect is simply reacting to the environment at hand. Preparedness is what happens before an event, survivalism is what happens after the event, whatever that event may be.

Skills and knowledge gained at any stage of the game can be used interchangeably, of course, but we must bear one fact in mind at all times: once an event occurs, we can no longer prepare for that event.

The bottom line here is that if you fail to prepare to survive after whatever event you expect occurs, when that event occurs, you are all out of planning time. Everybody gets old and retires, and many people plan for those years when we live without employment and a paycheck. But some people fail to plan ahead. Once you retire, there is no retirement planning available, only surviving retirement. And how you prepare for retirement dictates how well you are going to survive retirement. Simple enough?

To start with your preparedness planning, we need to look at where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. You need to know what you have for assets, and what your goals are, if you will. As goals change, so won’t our assets, and part of planning for the inevitable catastrophe is to acquire the assets you need to achieve your goals, and to prepare for the possible loss of those assets.

When I talk about assets here, I am not just talking about money and financial instruments. I include things such as food, water, property, tools and the like, and especially about knowledge. Believe it or not, knowledge can be one of your greatest assets. However, there may be occasions where some of these things may be lost, with or without our consent.

Over the years, I have sustained several life-altering events that came along unexpectedly, but because of the knowledge I have gained, I have been able to survive the aftermath, even though I have lost valuable tangible assets, including several years worth of storage food and other property.

I survived because I developed a mindset that provokes me forward, in spite of the obstacles. Sure, I could have given in and become just another welfare puppet licking the boots of my government, but I didn’t, and I will not, no matter what happens. After a few years of struggling, I am climbing back into the driver’s seat of my own wagon, and intend to direct this wagon in the direction I want it to go.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be sharing some ways that you too can climb into the drivers seat and direct your own wagon in the direction you want it to go, in spite of all the distractions and obstacles you may have to face along the journey.

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