Skinning Knives

For those of you who are new to my blog, I run a weekend only shop selling knives, fishing tackle and survival supplies. You can find me every Saturday and Sunday from 9-5 at the Waterfront Flea Market in Brunswick Maine. This week’s featured blade in my shop is a neat little skinner. C’mon down […]

Oil Lampstoves

History speaks often of cooking with lamp stoves, and you can indeed cook over an oil lamp provided you have the right contrivance to do so, but more often what the writer is speaking of is a lampstove, which is very similar to an oil lamp, but constructed more for heat than light. It’s too […]

3 Easy Snare Traps for Survival

1; THE OLD-FASHIONED SPRINGLE. This is the variety of snare which has been in very common use for ages, and has always been the one solitary example of a noose trap which our “boys’ books” have invariably pounced upon for illustration. For the capture of small birds it works very nicely; and as without it […]

Knots for Survival

I came across this chart of knots and their names and thought I would share it with you. I’ll be getting into more knots and bindings in another post, but this quick view will give you some new names you may have not heard before, even though they are all old names and some have […]

A Faraday House for EMP Protection

There seems to be much interest in the rising possibility of disruption to our daily lives through a large scale EMP event, whether through natural means such as a solar storm or through terrorist inflicted damage via a high altitude detonation of as nuclear device, otherwise known as a HEMP attack. And along with that […]

Kerosene Lamps for Beginners; chapter two

Last time I talked about fuel and wicks, so let’s get right into the lamps themselves and see how they work and how to maintain them. The average table top or wall mounted kerosene lamps are pretty simple. They consist of a fount, usually glass or ceramic, but sometimes of metal. On top of the […]

Kerosene Lamps for Beginners; chapter one

Oil lamps have been around almost as long as mankind has, but today we have replaced the single digit candlepower oil lamps of the Bedouin days in the past and live by bright as day electrical powered lamps. We all know that and it’s one of those facts of life we never even think about. […]