Some time ago I suggested several scenarios, based strictly upon my own observations and knowledge. Many of these predictions are now coming to fruition, much to my regret. But some things must happen for the will of God to come to fulfillment. Lately there seems to be a much more intense drive to pass certain kinds of legislation through our nation’s capitol, such as last year’s TARP program and the infamous Health Care reform Act. I didn’t agree with either of them and said that in fact they would cost far more than cash to the people of this nation. And I believe it’s safe to say that the American taxpayers are beginning to begin to see the glimmer of our future, and what will be the coming times.

Surviving the times, perilous times, lean times. Surviving the times to come. (Insert depressive sigh here please)

There are a growing number of pundits and analysts, with more than a few fruitcakes, or nut jobs, whichever you wish to call them that are more than happy to predict the future, and what tomorrow has in store for us. Most of these people are wrong, some will be incredibly wrong. But there will be a few that will manage to at least hit the nail with the hammer, if not directly on the head. Some have even claimed to know the date, which according to the Mayan Long Count calendar will be on December 21st of 2012. I kind of doubt that that particular day will be the end of the world, but one never knows.

But of what can we be certain in these coming times? We already see a changing of the fiscal or monetary ways of life. Credit has become a marketable commodity, and not simply a tool to leverage your income and improve your quality of life. The world is fast becoming cashless in its ways. We now face a looming global depression that will in all likelihood dwarf Roosevelt’s Folly of the Thirties. Money will indeed become scarce as inflation turns into hyperinflation. Money will be available by the barrelful, but it will become worthless. That’s one thing we have to look forward to. Already Greece and other European nations have begun to tighten their belts in order to pay off their growing deficits.

So called experts in the field call this “imposing austerity measures.” But look on the bright side, at least the lack of cash to buy food may at least take care of the worlds growing obesity problem. Will this be an immediate state of economy? No, I do not believe so, but I do believe this coming economic collapse is just a few very short years away from now. I’m certain that within five years time we will see a taxpayer revolution that will force the government to make some harsh and dangerous actions to remedy the growing deficits this country is nurturing.

It’s one thing to want to help those who are in need and provide for all of your favorite charity needs, but the country should not be in the business of providing welfare benefits that lead to a stagnation of society. And that’s exactly what our elected representatives are doing in Washington. They’re building up their army of supporting voters by handing out there every wish.

Scripture instructs us to take care of the poor, but we have to remember who the poor really are in today’s world. There are plenty of jobs available in this nation, but unfortunately, most of them pay a salary below what many have been accustomed to receive, or expect to receive. Part of the problem behind that state is the fact that we are constantly harangued into living a constantly increasing quality of life. Imagine people of seventy five years ago wanting to have a 52″ 3D TV hanging on their living room walls with a surround sound system blasting their eardrums. Wouldn’t have been possible back then because people still had a relatively secure hold on what life and living was really all about.

One of the primary considerations you need to have in your planning is an appreciation for the possibilities of doing without much of what we have come to take for granted. By establishing yourself onto a homestead of at least a couple of acres you can begin to be ready for the coming times. Learn to grow your own vegetables. Learn to raise your own chickens for eggs and meat. Learn some of the skills we have forgotten as a whole that were once common knowledge.

Simple tasks like some home repair projects can be accomplished by most people instead of calling in the repairman. Learn to be self sufficient, and learn to make do with less. This past weekend G20 and G8 summit sealed the coffin of our financial future. It will be a bleak future, and the sooner you prepare yourself for it the better off you will be. Austerity measures are coming to the US and you can bet on that.


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